Sunday, January 2, 2011


I don't do New Years Resolutions, as a rule. I always end up breaking them and then feeling like crap for doing so. But... I've been reading the Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. She basically devotes a month at a time to a particular "resolution" in her quest for happiness. Of course these resolutions are cumulative, so she adds them onto each other, they don't go away at the end of the month.

I am working on decluttering and cleaning, and that's a job in and of itself. So much accumulated stuff. We aren't hoarders, we can still move around, but we have a lot of crap, and very little unused space. I am trying to fix that a bit at a time. So far I have cleaned and cleared the kitchen table, the sink and the stove. They are cleared and wiped clean. I have also tackled the living room sofa and the bistro table. I have made some inroads to clearing other areas, too. This will probably take the full month! :p

A couple of other resolutions have come to me as I have been reading the book and pondering my own project.

Reconnect with lost loves:
I used to have a serious passion for music. I was very deep into it, to the point where I knew everything there was to know about whatever bands or music types that I liked. I always had music playing somewhere. Over time, though I have become distant from it, I have lost touch with a lot of it, and I find myself in a time warp of sorts. I don't like the disconnect that is present now. Music was a lifeline and a de stresser. I need it now more than ever. Time to try to reconcile and rekindle that flame. I need to go to more shows, too. I haven't completely stopped going to shows, but they are getting few and far between. :(

I used to love to sing out loud. Of course, I used to be largely alone when I did it. I don't get much alone time these days, and I've become a bit self conscious in my old age. I need to stop worrying about that. I need to belt out a few tunes, like in the old days.

I love theatre. That has never gone away. I used to be do theatre in my younger days when I was a theatre major in my first trip through college. I want to get back to that some day, but I don't think my current school schedule will allow that. I also used to love to go to plays and revues. I think as a compromise, I need to do some more of that. Go see the local theatre scene, check out some of the burlesque shoes and other types of entertainment out there in some form or fashion. Also I need to read plays again. I love the work of Christopher Durang, I like Tony Kushner, Tennessee Williams, etc. Perhaps as a compromise, reading plays and seeing plays will hold me over until I can actually PERFORM in plays.

Those are a handful of lost loves that come to mind. A decent start.

Quit Flirting and COMMIT Already!!!!
I have always wanted to learn to play guitar. I have wanted to pick the violin back up. I have always wanted to learn to play piano. Again, with the music, LOL! I've always wanted to do yoga. I've been wanting to get fit again. I've wanted to start walking, etc. etc. I've even made some tentative moves...such as buying an acoustic guitar (now sitting in it's case just gathering dust) and a guitar for dummies book. I've made some attempts at fitness. Shit I have a crapton of exercise dvd's and weight loss books/cookbooks, and now I have wii and kinect games that help exercise.

I've wanted to go from vegetarian to completely vegan. I have cookbooks galore, I have a couple of resource books too... Time to read the resource books and research nutrition and JUST DO IT!!!

I've wanted to be an active practitioner of my religion. Again, I have a ton of books and resources... just never had the wherewithal and perhaps the courage to actually read and actively practice. Time to quit flirting and get serious.

As I have been chipping away at housework, I've notice that my daughter has been voluntarily chipping in more. She did several loads of dishes, she started the cleaning/clearing of the kitchen table, helped take down the Christmas decorations, etc. I'm not sure what is motivating her to pitch in but I welcome it. It has been a great help. It has also been nice to see that she is paying attention.

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