Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Discrepancy... and relief.

I got on my scale this morning, and it disagreed with yesterday's weigh in at the doctor's office by about 5 pounds. In fact is shows that I have even lost a bit... almost a pound, since the last time I stepped on it. It's a digital scale, and it remembers your past weight, so when you get up on there again it shows weight gains/losses after it displays total weight. It is a digital scale, as is the one at the doctor's office. My theory is that I had on heavy shoes (I was wearing bulky tennis shoes) and it was mid day, and I'd eaten, thus I weighed in about 5 pounds heavier. :)

It is also "that time of month" or soon will be... so I am sure I'm retaining fluids, so I will be interested to see if I drop water weight in the next few days.

Today is a chore day, and if the rain holds off, I will go for a walk outside after I finish cleaning, if not I will do something indoors. I also need to start working on some of my school paperwork, stuff for clinicals, Multi Care orientation stuff. Whee! :)

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  1. You need to weigh yourself daily & average it weekly to get an accurate amount.