Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good days, not so good days

Yesterday was awesome! I cleared a space in the kitchen for all of my cookbooks and odds and ends. I also got the floor swept and dishes done. I busted a major sweat, and my muscles are sore from all the squats and lifting and such... even my lower back muscles are sore.

Today was different. I woke up tired. Felt unable to wake up. Even 2 cups of coffee didn't get me rolling. When the kiddo got off to school, I lay back down and fell asleep. I ended up sleeping for about 6 hours. Did I NEED that sleep? Was I that tired? Or was it something else? I have just felt kind of blah all day today. I did manage to keep my food choices healthy.

I had a veggie sausage and egg sandwich... not vegan yet... but will be soon. Then I passed out! When I got up, I had an apple, and some yogurt and granola mixed. For dinner was a fake chicken cutlet, broccoli and green peas, washed down with water. No junk food. I've not felt the urge to snack. So there's that, and I celebrate it.

I am growing tired of the mood swings though. I have a great day, feel fine, even accomplished, and then there's a day like today. It's not the worst thing ever, I guess. And I know everyone has days like this... but when you are trying to change your outlook and change your life, days like this are all the more frustrating and harder to deal with. Ah well, it's nearly time for bed. As Scarlett O'Hara used to say... "tomorrow is another day". Here's hoping it's a good one.

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