Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's To Do's

I finally have a profile in Kinect... a retina scan will recognize me now! :p I wanted to do the Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout yesterday, but was thwarted because the machine didn't know me. Hmm... are we headed down the path towards "The Terminator"? LOL In any case, I am set up now, so I am going to go down there and do the fitness test and let it plan a regimen for me. I will do a video diary and all that stuff, even.

I am also planning to clear out some space in the kitchen. We have a microwave stand that has a cabinet and shelf space that is, at present being occupied by a bunch of random crap. I want to clear that out and put all of my cookbooks and such in there, so they are easy to hand when I am trying to cook. That will also clear space in the bookshelf for the books that we continue to accumulate that are just kind of stacked randomly. That will feel really good, I think.

Depending on the timing, I'll see what else I can get done. So off to have a bite to eat and start the clearing project. Then work out after my food has settled.

Feelin' good today. :)

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