Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am feeling pretty good today. I have been active enough over the past few days, doing various things, that I have sore muscles in my arms and legs. Between the Kinect boxing and sports play, pushing a broom and dustpan around my house, and other activities, I guess I have been doing some good. Today I even snuck in some squats while scooping the litter box! LOL

I also cooked a nice dinner of spinach ravioli and a green salad, we all partook in it. It was delish.

I finished "The Happiness Project" today. Finishing it made me feel good, and I am full of ideas. I guess the one thing that's been good about my good intentions and such from the past is the accumulation of materials and such I've accumulated. I have tons of cookbooks, how to books and resource books for veganism. I have lots of books about paganism, so that I can study and practice my religion. I have a guitar and an "Idiot's Guide to Playing Guitar" for learning to how to play. I have a ton of exercise dvd's and Wii/360/Kinect games, and dumbbells and such for exercise purposes.

So I can honestly pick any number of projects to undertake and just dig right in... no need to go out and spend a bunch of money. I have also decided to actually make good on a long extended promise to help and volunteer for a friend's online non profit org.

I am feeling like I have endless possibilities, and this gives me a burst of energy and motivation. I've also been trying to spend more time with the kiddo... We all played a game, as a family after dinner tonight, and I've also just tried to spend time with her as it arises. That has felt good too.

Tomorrow the new week starts, and I have big plans for how to use my day alone. I will post my to do list tomorrow, and what I've accomplished.

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