Thursday, January 27, 2011

walkin' in a winter wonderland...

But without the snow... ;)

It's a dry day today, cloudy but with some sun breaks, so I decided to take a walk. I am very lucky to live near protected wetlands, and there's a hike/bike/equestrian trail that runs behind my house. It has uneven terrain, and it goes on for MILES, and it's a favorite spot particularly in the summer. It's a chunk of woods/forest in the midst of the suburbs.

I put my mp3 on shuffle and hit the road, Social D kicked things off, and I put one foot in front of the other and began my workout. It was humbling in a way, to see how far I'd let myself go. I have always been active, and even though I was never athletic, I could WALK! I used to walk everywhere! Or ride the bus. That is one thing I miss about urban life. I didn't need a car. Where I live, I need a car, or the patience to take 2 hour bus rides. I don't have the latter, so I have a car. I need it too much! :P Between that and the struggles of life I became pretty sedentary. Nursing school and the work/study time that it entails hasn't helped matters much. And yes, let's face it... I became pretty lazy. :(

The nice weather spurred me to get out of the house, and I'm glad I went. It's funny, I never realized how much I loved being outside until I moved up here and the rain put limits on that outside time. Again, I was never particularly athletic, but I loved to just BE outside. Reading a book, walking around my neighborhood, going to outdoor shows, the park, swimming at the neighborhood pool, etc. Being out today, in the crisp cool winter air, smelling the smells, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds of outside was energizing. The woods are beautiful, even though many of the trees were stripped bare, there was still much to marvel at. The day was clear enough that I could see Mount Rainier clearly as I passed the vacant lot between the houses and the condominiums. I stopped to listen to the sound of the creek as it flowed past, as well as the small waterfalls created by drainage pipes. The ducks will be out in force in the summer. some of the trees had lichen and river fern growing on their trunks, a splash of green in the midst of brown leaves and bark.

Many people were out walking their dogs, also enjoying the dry day. I stopped to take a picture of my house as it was visible from the trail. I sent Nick a text and he came out onto our back deck and waved to me, I waved back, and it made me smile.

I didn't walk super fast, but I didn't walk slow. I didn't walk as far as I've been able to in the past, another humbling reminder of how little care I have been giving myself. I managed a mile and some change though. It's a start. I will try to push a little further each time... Hopefully I'll be able to walk to the lake and back by summer, like I used to when we first moved into this house, and even as recently as a year ago. :(

I am somewhat surprised that I still have the drive and the motivation to do all this...and that this drive is as strong as it seems to be. I am famous for starting out very gung ho and with the best of intentions only to to lose momentum and focus.... depression is a bitch. So I am grateful to still feel so good. I am grateful to still have this drive and desire. I will take it a day at a time.

I have been trying to post pictures of myself post workout, and today I posted pictures I took along my walk, in an attempt to keep myself honest. It's easy to say I took a walk when I didn't... but putting up the pictures shows that I am doing more than just talking. Accountability :)

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