Monday, January 24, 2011

Doctor visit

I went to my pulmonologists appointment today (well, it was a PA, to be precise). I needed some new stuff for my breathing machine, and my Rx had expired, so I had to go in for a checkup. *sigh*

I was soundly scolded, and when he found out I was a nursing student, I was even more soundly scolded.... you know, the "you should know better, since you are going to be a health care professional" rap. I hung my head and I took it, after all I did earn it. I hadn't been in for a checkup in 3 years. As far as I could tell, everything was fine, so I didn't go, plus scheduling doctor visits around a full school schedule is difficult. But he was right. :p

I got a new mask for my breathing machine, and I will be interested to see what a difference it will make. The old mask was loud, and big and awkward, and it was difficult to sleep through the night with it. This one is much smaller, much quieter, and much lighter on my face. I really hope I sleep well tonight! LOL

I also found out a shocker. I have gained almost 57 pounds since 2008. :-/ Not thrilled about that. He explained the diet and exercise drill to me, and I listened, and sort of smiled inside because everything he told me I had already read in my recent research (thank you Jillian Michaels! hehe). But he didn't just talk. He wrote me a prescription/gave me a referral for a nutritionist. She is supposed to contact me at some point soon. I'm actually kind of excited about this. To be able to sit down and talk to someone face to face and have them help me plan meals and such.

Another suggestion I was given was to do "water walking" where I go to a pool and walk back and forth across the shallow end of a pool for an hour a session, 3 sessions a week. It burns more calories because of water temperature and increased resistance, and also gives my body buoyancy so that I can do the work painlessly. It sounds like something I can totally get behind. But I am honestly worried about the whole being seen in public in a swimsuit thing! :p Plus it costs money to swim, money we don't really have. I have heard rumors that there's a pool at PLU, they must be true since there's a swim TEAM at PLU, so perhaps when school starts, I'll carve out an hour while I'm on campus and do it there. He told me that I could conceivably lose 2 lbs a week from this. And it does seem like everytime I do regular exercise I hurt myself... :P

Hmmm... points to ponder. I think the most likely source for me to cut calories is from my drinks. I don't drink enough water. I just don't. So all the other stuff I drink adds calories to my daily intake. And definitely less sweets. *sigh*

I have noticed that I'm less stiff now that I am moving around more, and my knee isn't troubling me quite as much. These are good signs. In terms of weight loss, it is hard to say... I was down 2 pounds, now I am back up, but I am pretty sure I know what that's about, to be honest, and overeating is NOT it. I guess I'll know for sure in a week or so, if my weight goes back down.

All in all not so bad. And hey, sleep deprivation causes weight gain, maybe I'll drop a bit if I start to sleep normally again. *fingers crossed*

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