Friday, August 24, 2012

Workout #7

I did C25K W3D1 today.  I did not do my strength workout though.  I am re-evaluating my approach to working out.  I am going to start staggering the cardio and the strength workouts, I think.  I am still kind of fumbling around with all of this, and I'm not sure if I'm doing enough, but also afraid of doing too much and hurting myself.  

I got the new fitness watch set up, put the chest strap on, but fumbled with figuring out how to record my workout, so today it was just a wrist and chest decoration, but I went back to the manual and figured out what I needed to do and will use it tomorrow.  I am disappointed that I didn't get a reading for today though. Booo! 

I continue to NOT lose weight, which is starting to annoy me a little bit now.  I went into my settings for MyFitnessPal and saw that part of the problem was that I hadn't made changes to account for the weight I'd put back on since stopping my PE class.  I guess I've been eating about 200 too many calories a day, for one thing.  I am now on a 1400 calorie per day allowance (if I don't exercise) and if I do exercise, the calories burned are subtracted, so I can eat a few more.  We'll see if this adjustment helps.  Otherwise, I've been really good about watching WHAT and HOW MUCH I eat, so the weight should start coming off dammit! 

I am still seeing small gains in my overall body strength and ability, so that is heartening, but I am looking forward to seeing actual results.  I am tempted to wear the watch and chest strap to work to see how many calories I burn on a shift.  At any rate, I was worried that I had jacked my knee on that last set of lunges on Wednesday because I was having knee pain when I walked downstairs. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to workout today... in all honesty that's another reason I didn't do the strength workout today.  I didn't want to do the lunges and squats with my knee acting squirrelly, so I will do the strength dvd tomorrow maybe... or I may hold off and do it on Sunday when I do my next day of c25k.  I dunno.  

I am suffering from some doubts at the moment.  Doubts about whether or not I'm logging my stuff correctly with respect to calories in and out, not sure if I'm doing enough exercise, doubts about whether I'll be able to keep this up once school starts again and my schedule fills up with classes, clinicals, projects and studies.  I am not discouraged. I am NOT going to quit.  I am just feeling a little lost and confused at the moment.  But keeping moving, keeping going, that is something.  That will help me find my way.  

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