Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forward Movement...FINALLY!!!

Weighed myself this morning and I am finally seeing "profit" as it were.  I am down to 260.2!!!!  As previous entries will tell you, I had actually gained a few pounds after starting this exercise program. Well I've lost those pounds, plus one more.  All weight loss from here on out is progress towards my goal. I have a tentative goal of 160 pounds for now.  I am 5'10", so I think that 160 is a workable weight, but I want to get there and see how it feels/looks.  My "ideal weight range" is 150-160, so I am still looking at that damn century weight loss figure. 100 pounds, ugh!

I can do this.  I MUST do this.  

Today is a rest day from vigorous exercise, but I may take a walk later, or something.  I am feeling energetic.  Maybe I'll vacuum my floors. >.<

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