Monday, June 13, 2011


I got in on the last half of the Zumba class. HOLY CRAP!! That was a workout and a half! When I got to the gym, there was a sign saying that the class was full. Disappointed, I went and started working out on a stationary bike. I ended up doing a half hour and rode for 4 miles, burned 100-ish calories. Then went to the front desk to get a towel, and asked the lady on duty how early a girl had to be to get in the class. She told me, but then she told me there had been several no shows, so I could just go on in and give it a whirl. So I did...

I felt like a bull in a china shop, not very graceful or coordinated, but I will work on that. I hope to get better. I definitely got in a good workout. If you sweat buckets, you're burning fat, rite?? I was pouring sweat!! POOOUUURING! :P I need a shower. I'm gross. But I feel good. I am going to join the gym. I'll sign up tomorrow or Wednesday.

Feelin' good, albeit not very graceful or coordinated!

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