Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am strong and I am capable!

Things to be proud of:
I made good grades this semester. I got my first A in nursing school, and the rest of my grades were B's. I did this in spite of feeling disorganized and 5 steps behind at all times, as well as anxious.
I was able to complete 2 clinical rotations, doing full 8 hour shifts at a mental health facility and a hospital. I learned many new skills, gave subcutaneous (under the skin) injections to real live patients of actual medications. I took out cathethers and IV's, and performed good patient care. I learne many new skills in a simulator/lab setting as well.
I got A's on 3 out of 4 final exams, too! Scholastically I did very well. I should be very proud of that.
I drove to Vashon Island and back by myself. This is a biggie for me because I have driving anxiety. I am able to function... and when I absolutely HAVE to go somewhere I can do it...but it's a very tense and stressful affair. Going to school in Tacoma, and various clinical sites has pushed me to drive more and further than I've had to in the past... and when I don't have to drive... I usually don't. I let my husband drive when we venture out together and such. This was the first time I have gone on the ferry alone. I had a nice long visit with a dear friend, and I felt pretty empowered when it was done. The weather was horrible on the drive there, rain and traffic made it challenging to read the road signs on the freeway, but I did it, and didn't crash my car or have a heart attack! I really hate having anxiety. I wish I didn't have it. :( I've been kind of lax with my meds too... So many other things going on, I have been forgetting it a fair bit. :-/
My goals for the rest of the week are:
To get my kitchen cleared and cleaned. I need to make the space clear and friendly for me to use. So I need counterspace and I need my refrigerator cleaned out, so I can cook meals ahead of time and store them for heat and eat later.
To do some form of exercise for 30-45 minutes a day... be it walking, Wii fit, a workout dvd or whatever. I would LOVE to go outside, but the weather is being VERY uncooperative right now. So sick of the rain! :p
In the next 2 weeks I hope to lose 2-5 pounds. (a conservative estimate... I'll take a bigger number if I get it! )
Do something fun and that I enjoy every day. All work and no play makes Gigi...something something! ;)

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