Friday, December 11, 2009


I am having a knee problem. My right knee is puffy and swollen (not terribly bad, but definitely noticeable), and walking is ok, but going up and down stairs hurrrrts!!! :( And I have to go up an downstairs a lot...both at home and at work.

I took some ibuprofen, and I'm going to try to stay off it/away from stairs, and see if it gets better. I didn't do anything to it, that I can recall. But I've been having this problem off and on over the past few months. I am wondering if it's because of the weight I'm carrying is finally getting to me, or what.

Still trying to eat well. I had some frosted mini wheats for breakkie, tomato soup and an apple for lunch, more cereal when I got home for a snack, next time I feel peckish I'll probably have some chopped veggies or something, maybe some nuts. I'm feelin' some spinach artichoke dip, too. Not sure about dinner yet.

I guess I'll give cardio a break until my knee sorts out, but I'll do some strength stuff to work my arm muscles and leg muscles (but not weight bearing stuff).

I'm a little disorganized right now, also getting school stuff in order, but I will settle into a groove with this soon, I hope.


  1. Do you like swimming at all? Swimming's a good option when your knee is bothering you. And rowing.

  2. I love to swim, alas, membership fees to gyms, indoor pools is beyond my financial capacity at the moment.

  3. I have problems with my knees too, mostly they just creak like they need WD40, the pain comes and goes. i love jogging but wish i could join a gym as i need the discipline. i would love to do yoga and tai chi mosty. but the thing that stops me from joining is the embarrassment the noise my knees make :/
    i had no one to share that i just shared that withyou- yea.. mmm...ok bye... walks away.... creak creak creak

    - sadie