Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have lost about 8 pounds thus far. I am finally back under the 250 mark. :)

As usually seems to happen when I start to seriously exercise, I got sick. Boo! However, I didn't get AS sick this time. I recovered quicker. I am still not at 100 percent though. Todays workout kinda proved that. :-P

It's been 7 days since my last workout. I did 30 minutes instead of the usual 45 of interval cardio. I shortened it for 2 reasons: being sick, and also we're going to the fair, where we will spend the entire day walking all over the fairgrounds. I am going to try to go easy on the fair foods. Packing in some snacks, eating only when I'm hungry, and allowing myself ONE sweet treat. Oh, and water water water to drink.

Things I have learned from today's workout. I cannot work out on an empty stomach. I just can't do it. 30 minutes felt like an hour!!! And also that even in a weakened state, I can still accomplish a lot. I was a total phlegm-bot though. ugh!

I am looking forward to the fair. I've been studying my brains out for patho. I need to decompress a little bit.

My doctor increased my Celexa dose again. I am hoping that it quells the anxiety that has been creeping up. I totally blew a quiz I should have done well on because I was anxious and choked out. Just like the dosage calc quiz last semester.

Anyway, I'm off to the fair.

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