Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rest day

Today I took a day away from the treadmill. My body finally got really sore, plus I had a day packed with studying and errands. So though I didn't do the interval cardio, I walked around a fair bit, at the farmers market, and again at Target.

I have also watched my food intake, haven't been grazing/snacking much today. Tomorrow I will get back to it, though. For tonight, though I am spent. All the work I put into studying patho today, study group with friends, just absolutely drained me. It almost feels like my brain got out of shape over the summer! :p

Stress is trying to creep back in... can't let it! Probably will turn in early tonight, and then try to work out when I get up tomorrow morning. Then study after I finish my workout. Maybe that will beat the stress back out of my head. The study group today was a little chaotic. We were all kind of at different points in the material, and trying to work together as a unit. Everyone is stressing about this first quiz. :-/

This isn't much of a workout entry, but since stress/fear is the mind killer, I want to get this out into the universe, so it doesn't hamper me or cause me to stray from my path. I hated how lost I felt. I hated realizing how much information I have lost in the intervening 3 years since I took A&P, especially since it is so fundamental to this class and its curriculum. It scares me a little. This class weeds people out. We have 6 people in our class that are re taking it because they failed out of it. I don't want to be in that number next semester. :( I have to get on top of this!

Ok... gonna breathe... relax... sleep on it, then see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully some clarity.

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