Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Latest....

I know that this blog is mostly for my own benefit at this point.  I am so inconsistent with my activity that I am sure that I've lost anyone who was even remotely interested in it... and that's ok.  I still have the space to use as I see fit and as my needs and motivation suits.  But on the off chance that anyone *does* still look at it, and to give myself a jumping off point to maintaining this thing a bit better, I will do a catching up type post. 

Medically speaking, things are so-so.  I started losing weight without doing much of anything differently.  I have lost about 30 pounds thus far, and the only thing that had changed was my employment status.  Along with other things that weren't quite right, I went in and got tested for Type 2 diabetes, and...surprise... I have it.  I am taking oral antidiabetic meds, no insulin yet, thankfully.  My sugar is a lot better than it was, but it's still high.  My body initially responded really well to the meds, but my sugar is creeping up again.  I am also on a new antidepressant that focuses more on treating anxiety and it seems to be working also.  I really need to get into a regular exercise routine and lose the rest of this weight, and try to get my sugar back to normal levels.  I'd love to do this and maybe eventually reverse the diabetes completely. 

I run into the usual problems that plague everyone when it comes to this though.  Busy schedule, exhaustion from such a busy schedule, low motivation at times, lack of support from family, etc.  To combat this, I think I'm going to do a project of sorts.  I am going to make a vision board of sorts.  Not with the idea that seeing or thinking it will make it happen, but more with the idea of using it to motivate me to action.  I want to list positives of weight loss, some of which I already see having lost 30 pounds, and fill it with empowering thoughts and images.  I want to make this and hang it somewhere that I will see it daily and have it remind me that I need to work out before I sink into the couch.  I'm thinking posterboard, photos of me at my heaviest, some photos of me now, 30 pounds down, The pros and motivational statements in bold lettering... I just realized I know the perfect place to hang it, too! :)  Time to work on this! (and to fit in a workout too!). 

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