Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My a-ha Moment... of sorts

I went for a trail walk today.  According to Run Keeper I walked 3.68 miles.  My Fit Bit counted all the hills on the trail as stairs (elevation changes I suppose), and I ended up with a total of 17 floors climbed.  It was my first earnest trail walk in some time, as the weather has been bad until recently.  It felt good to be outside, and to be moving.  I kept a decent pace and busted a good sweat. 

I had my phone with me so I could stream music as I walked because my iPod still only has a little bit of music on it, and so that I could use RunKeeper.  I am beginning to understand why the iPod is on the way out.  Putting the ability to download apps onto it, and making it wifi dependent sort of defeats the purpose of it, when there's an iPhone that doesn't rely on wifi and you put all your music on it.  So many apps, like RunKeeper and C25K and such that have become very important tools make it less than desirable to use something that needs a wifi connection to work.  I am actually considering switching now, which I'm sure my husband will love :p lol.  Anyway, I opened Spotify and was trying to think of uptempo music to stream while I walked.  Ke$ha came to mind and so I searched her up and streamed her tunes and she fueled my walk.   I am not generally a huge fan of her music, nor much of the pop that is playing today, but it did keep me moving.  I can accept it, even like it for that reason.  I will probably download her stuff and some other artists that I wouldn't normally listen to for the purpose of a cardio playlist. 

As I walked, I felt really good.  I think I experienced that exercise euphoria/runner's high thing yesterday.  I wish I could have captured that feeling and kept it safely, where I could access it when I need it.  I felt so positive, so focused, like I could actually finally do this thing I've been struggling with for so long now.  Today I sit here with an exercise hangover, and try to motivate myself to move again.  I have a kettlebell and a dvd that came with it... I want to do it/need to do it...but the energy and the drive defies me at the moment.  So I sit here and type about yesterday's workout and the good feelings that accompanied it in hopes of pushing myself to move. I slept until 12:30 today, and that was too long! I hate when I do that.  :p

I got some exercise gear from the Nike store a while ago and finally put it to use, some spandex type running pants, and a tank top, combined with one of my newer sports bras.  I noticed that I seemed to move better in them and I discovered why lycra/spandex is so popular.... and maybe to an extent why bigger girls like to wear it.  I felt lighter and moved more fluidly in it. It kept the jiggles at bay and there was no chub rub.  I can totally understand the draw of it now, lol!  It's an awkward feeling to jiggle with every step, especially when running or doing cardio that involves such movements.  I don't think I'll be doing the t shirts and sweats thing anymore :p

I need to get my paws on some books about clean eating and start doing it.  I need to start making smoothies and get a juicer and juice.  I need to write in this blog more.  Time to do it.  Starting with suiting up and doing a kettlebell workout.

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