Friday, January 13, 2012

Today's workout

Class was cancelled... Instructor couldn't get there in time... I saw her later and she said she had 2 flat tires when she went to her car to come to PLU. She wanted us to work out on our own. After a brief internal struggle, I decided to be good and go to the fitness center. I got on the treadmill and tried the workout Erin (the instructor) had showed me yesterday. I did 4 cycles of high intensity interval cardio. Holy shit! I was sweating like a pig, red faced, and totally out of breath, but I did it! So there's that. :) burned 538 calories in the process! Go me!

Yoga today was difficult, but certain aspects are actually getting a little easier, and I felt loose and limber (not, but not stiff either). It was kinda nice. At the end of week 2, I am sore... and uncomfortable. But not as much as I was last week. So there's a little progress. I also have lost a li'l weight. So go me again! :)

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