Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today's adventure

Today we did physical fitness testing and it was a definite wake up call! In one minute I did 24 push ups (against the wall). In another minute I did 16 crunches. My core has gotten so weak, I couldn't pull up into a full sit-up! And I did 3 pull ups with a LOT of help (my instructor half pushing me, and with bands). Ugh! I have my work cut out!

After we finished the physical fitness test we were left to our own devices, so a classmate and I asked her to give us a workout to do. She had us grab medicine balls, led us to the gym and had us do wall-balls. It's a crossfit exercise, where basically you go into a squat, and push up, tossing the medicine ball high up above you as you come up, then catch the ball, going back into a squat. Holy crap that's hard! She told us to do 5 sets me 15 reps, and my better conditioned friend had to do 30 reps. I managed to finish 3 complete sets, and the squats portion of a 4th set before she called time.

I am still logging in my food, I put in the workout as best I could. No cardio today, so no idea how many calories I burned. I am already feeling a li'l sore. Tomorrow should be interesting. We didn't do any yoga today, we watched a dvd. :p tomorrow should be interesting. We are already almost halfway through j term. Wow!

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