Monday, July 26, 2010


Went on vacation for a couple of weeks, didn't have a definite workout regimen, but was very active. I swam a lot, and I walked a lot, and played a dance game on the Wii. Since getting home, I've been trying to get the house back in order, so I've been doing some pretty major cleaning. Also been watching what I eat.

I will re-start my C25K workouts tomorrow. I want to get into that for serious. I am also going to try to balance it with strength training and yoga. Summer has finally hit Seattle, and I am feeling energized.

I also had a good talk with my partner, I think we have found a decent solution to some of our work/life/chores balance issues. Also trying to find a way to live on a super tight budget and not feel deprived and depressed. I think we are onto something though... We'll see.

Back to work, putting laundry away! :p

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