Friday, June 18, 2010

Walking Mission Accomplished.

I took a 45 minute walk on the greenbelt trail. The terrrain is uneven, lots of hills. I got my HR up to 154 at the max. 180 is my target rate, but I think I would have passed out if I got it that high. :p I am sweating like a pig, and I was breathing very heavily, if I'd had a friend with me, I doubt I could have had a conversation. My face is beet red too! LOL

Oh how the mighty has fallen. Didn't make it to the lake, but I'll get there. I am in training mode now, because I know my sister is going to kick my ass when I get down to Texas. She has a pool though, and I will be a lap swimming, pool exercise doing mofo.

Feels good to have done something. :)

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